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Wake up to your own Namibian sunrise...

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- Wildlife tracking and hiking


- Scenic drives and safaris


- Kayaking and fishing on the Orange River


- Colonial and World War I battlefields


- Each suite features custom-designed StarBeds


- Wild camping and stargazing

Discover the ultimate retreat from civilisation: an ultra-private, exclusive-use-only sanctuary welcoming up to twelve guests in Southern Namibia.


In the heart of Southern Namibia lies the Sandfontein Nature Reserve, a sanctuary where the soul finds solace amidst nature's embrace. It’s a haven for nature lovers, adventurers and those seeking respite from the bustle of life. Intimately curated with just six suites and a hilltop villa, accommodating up to twelve guests, it’s the perfect place for a get-together with old friends, for multi-generational family holidays or romantic getaways, featuring exclusive use of 97,000 hectares of vast arid plains, meandering riverbeds, rocky mountains and the mighty Orange River.


Find yourself. In the middle of nowhere.

Hear yourself. In total silence.





- 97 000 hectares of exclusive use, no other guests

- 25km of Orange River frontage

- Sandfontein Lodge and dedicated team

- 6x Suites and 1x Villa sleeping one to twelve guests

- Easily accessible by road or air

- Children of all ages thrive at Sandfontein



The Sandfontein Lodge

Framing panoramic vistas, the Sandfontein lodge is a light and airy haven, inviting guests to escape civilisation, shun routines and be ensconced in the remarkable silence. From the lap pool, sundeck and outdoor lounge, endless views are ever-evolving as the sun transits the sky, while the terrace sets the stage for al-fresco dining and star-gazing around an open-air firepit.


At night, Sandfontein’s unique StarBeds provide the most sublime outdoor unification with Mother Nature, silence and the universe thanks to exceptional viewing of the Milky Way and shooting stars.


Our Suites

Thoughtfully isolated from one another, Sandfontein’s exclusive use Suites are private, indulgent and simply oozing with Namibian charm.


Each has been built using locally sourced materials to help protect the environment, and from the wide-open terraces to the lavish floor-to-ceiling windows, every aspect has been designed to help you soak up the sheer size and beauty of the Sandfontein game reserve.


“It is scientifically proven that spending time in quiet nature reduces stress, anxiety, depression, repetitive thoughts and restores attention.” - Quiet Parks International

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Verified by Quiet Parks International (, Sandfontein beckons guests into the heart of Namibia's semi-arid landscape, offering silence and supreme privacy. 


Available exclusively for private use, Sandfontein affords guests the rare opportunity to immerse themselves in the profound silence and seclusion of Namibia's untamed beauty, whilst the Sandfontein team caters to their every need.


Relax in Exclusive Luxury

All of the Suites at Sandfontein face east, so each morning you and your guests can enjoy energizing views of the sun rising up from behind the hills.


The airy bathrooms go beyond the usual standards of luxury, providing space for you to kick back and pamper yourself in total serenity. Healing, eco-friendly luxury products make freshening up a heady delight, and there are always luxuriously soft towels to dry off with.


For the ultimate escape, Sandfontein is for exclusive use only, for up to 12 guests.

Discover the ultimate retreat from civilisation: a private, exclusive use only sanctuary.

Find yourself. In the middle of nowhere. 

Hear yourself. In total silence.


Sandfontein Philosophy


At Sandfontein, we cherish the belief that space, silence and tranquillity epitomise true luxury, allowing us to slow down, pause, reflect, and forge meaningful connections with our natural world, ourselves and our friends and family.


Our ethos at Sandfontein is deeply rooted in an innate appreciation for the natural world that sustains us. Each blade of grass, every drop of rain and every whisper of wind beckons us to connect with our innate selves.


Sandfontein is an invitation to find yourself, in the middle of nowhere. To hear yourself, in total silence.


We invite you to join us and experience the magic of Sandfontein – where we honour and celebrate our interconnectedness with nature and one another.


Chéri Mulder, Manager

Sandfontein Lodge & Nature Reserve

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Explore & Indulge

After a romantic lunch by the pool, the choice is simple: set out to discover the reserve’s incredible plants and creatures, or spend an indulgent hour or two in the cosy main lodge building, where mountain views flood into the soulful bar area.

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Our Partners


N/a’an ku sê Lodge & Wildlife Sanctuary

plays a vital role in rescuing and releasing threatened cats in Namibia to help reduce human-wildlife conflict. To help protect and conserve large wild carnivores, we started a research program tracking cheetahs and leopards on Namibia.


The Namibia Tourism Board

is the Namibia Government agency responsible for bringing together both the private and public sector in implementing the national policy on tourism. The NTB was established in 2001.


Namibia's Ministry of Environment and Tourism is a government department whose purpose is to preserve natural environment and support tourism within the country.

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