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Accommodation at Sandfontein

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Offered for exclusive use only, the Sandfontein Lodge is surrounded by semi-arid landscape and blends seamlessly into Namibia’s untouched red-rock terrain. Set against a backdrop of rugged ridges, dry riverbeds and gorges, its six intimately designed suites and nearby hilltop villa offer one of Africa's most strikingly secluded settings.

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Our Suites

All of the bungalows at Sandfontein face east, and each morning guests can enjoy energizing views of the sun rising up from behind the mountains. 


There’s nothing more invigorating than sipping a cup of fresh, steaming coffee as the landscape begins to light up in shades of pink, violet and orange.

Silence fills the air at Sandfontein, day and night, making it easy to drift off to sleep.  The princely beds come with comforting mattresses that are wrapped in the finest cotton sheets, while plump pillows give support to tired necks and heads. 


Sandfontein is free from malaria all year round, but for the comfort of guests, flowing white mosquito nets are draped around the beds.

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The Lodge Suite

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For the ultimate upgrade, you should consider booking Sandfontein’s one-of-a-kind suite.

Lodge Suite

Lodge Suite

Sandfontein’s airy bathrooms go beyond the usual standards of luxury, providing a place for visitors to kick back and pamper themselves in total serenity.

For the ultimate Sandfontein experience, however, it’s worth guests considering our unique, "one of a kind" suite.


With more than enough space for two, and built with romance in mind, the Lodge Suite features a beautiful burnished bathtub and an outdoor shower, both overlooking the seemingly endless Sandfontein Valley.

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