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Spending time at the soul-soothing game lodge is addictive, but tear yourself away and you’ll start to uncover some spectacular wildlife.

Conservation with purpose...


Hugging the banks of the Orange River, the Sandfontein Nature Reserve covers a vast swathe of ecologically important land and remains almost completely untouched. Thus, conservation and environmental stewardship hold deep significance for us in protecting this wild land.


Sandfontein has over many years expanded the boundaries of the reserve, re-introduced additional species, and locally sourced materials were used to build the eco-conscious Lodge, Suites and Villa. Organic fruit and vegetables are supplied from our own gardens on the Orange River and, to preserve its magical silence, the reserve operates entirely on solar energy.

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Animals outnumber visitors at Sandfontein by more than 300 to one...

It’s easy to fall in love with the excluive suites at Sandfontein, which are so cool, natural and inviting.


But as soon as the morning sun throws light over the rippling Namibian mountains, birds begin to sing, butterflies flutter into life, and the reserve’s big game animals gradually start to awaken – giving visitors a very good reason to get up and go exploring.

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A Wild Expanse

Sandfontein reserve is bigger than the island of Singapore and the animals who make this area their home are free to roam across the wild terrain. 


Sandfontein’s experienced trackers have an in-depth knowledge of how the different animals behave, and they can take visitors straight to the habitats where sightings are most likely.  They also understand the desert’s unique plant life, which includes hardy milk bush shrubs and the rare but beautiful quiver tree.

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Elusive & Impressive

Of all the animals at Sandfontein, most impressive are the elusive leopards, which stalk the land in search of prey. 


Antelope species seen on the reserve include eland and kudu, a solitary creature that spends most of its time in the mountains (the male, with its helter-skelter-shaped horns, is easy to recognise).

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From Oryx to Ostriches

There’s always a good chance of glimpsing the spindly horns of an oryx, a true desert animal that’s perfectly adapted for survival in vast, open landscapes. 


Ostriches are also easy to pick out against the yellowy-orange backdrop of the mountains, and dainty klipspringers can often be seen hopping around the dusty rocks.



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The area has long been home to an incredible range of fauna that are cared for by Sandfontein’s staff

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Plant species found on Sandfontein

Very rare plants such as the leaf-succulent Portulacaria armiana, which is restricted to the Orange River valley, may occur.


Other plants that may still be found, many of which are protected species in Namibia, are listed below.

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