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What Animals can you see at Sandfontein?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Sandfontein Lodge & Nature Reserve is the perfect retreat in southern Namibia. This 200,000 acre nature reserve is a private hideaway that makes a great stop en route to Etosha, Swakopmund, and other well-known Namibian landmarks.

The views of rivers and sunburnt, rocky landscapes will leave you in awe. Sandfontein Nature Reserve is unique as it offers you privacy, landscapes, geology, beautiful starry nights and history with no other humanly settled structure in sight - the nature will leave you speechless.

Here guides can take you to the best spots on the nature reserve where you may watch the wild, go for a scenic drive or canoeing while you sit back, smell, listen and breath in the pure majesty of nature.

The wildlife

Access to the Orange River is possible by means of a scenic drive through Sandfontein where you might come across some of the many species of wildlife. You might see zebras, giraffe, red hartebeest, springbok, ostrich, baboon and more.

The antelope spend most of their time in the mountains - the male with its helter-skelter shaped horns is easy to recognise.

You will find rare semi-desert shrubs and plenty of freshwater fish. Fishing equipment is available on request.

The good news is that there are no crocodiles and hippos in the area, and the area and reserve are entirely free from malaria. With this in mind, you can bring your children to Sandfontein Lodge & Nature Reserve without any of the safari holiday concerns.

You can see the surrounding mountains and narrow river valleys from your game drives while simultaneously hearing the different birds. A full list of bird species can be found on our website.

What to expect

Doing a Sandfontein safari is always better with your 4x4 hire to Namibia.

Feeling already relaxed at the lodge with soft, cotton bedding and snow white gowns, you can awake with the morning sun and different bird songs feeling refreshed for the day.

Sandfontein Lodge has five private attached bungalows, the Namibian charm. The airstrip allows fly-in specials from Cape Town or flights from other cities are also available.

The lodge also offers an outdoor swimming pool for you to refresh and rejuvenate, or canoeing on the river.

Sandfontein history

Sandfontein has a significant historical background and information on it is available at the lodge on request. You can find the once battlefield filled with gun sounds, now as a peaceful ground. The land once called Setswana, which refers to the whooshing sound of the water. The Orange River water sounding the voices of the history of Sandfontein.

Why Sandfontein?

Sandfontein offers a very private and intimate environment. As the reserve is a malaria-free reserve, this makes it an excellent destination for a family safari.

The reserve, lodge and owners offer a spectacular Namibian safari which redefines exclusive and intimate luxury in nature. The reserve is perfectly situated, and if you are after sounds of silence and space, then Sandfontein Lodge & Nature Reserve is the place to be.

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