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How to get to Sandfontein and what you can see when you are there

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Are you dreaming of experiencing a safari adventure - away from the crowds - in a wild and isolated corner of southern Namibia - well, the dream starts here.

Sandfontein Lodge and Nature Reserve is a phenomenal destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike - it is a charming retreat in the wild with epic river views and scorched, rocky landscapes that extend as far as the eye can see.

How to get to Sandfontein

Sandfontein can be reached by air or by self-drive - made easier by renting a 4x4 vehicle.

By Car

Driving to the lodge will take approximately -

  • 4 hours from Upington in South Africa

  • 2 hours from Noordoewer in Namibia

  • 1 hour from Warmbad in Namibia

While a 4 x 4 vehicle is recommended to get to Sandfontein, many guests arrive in 2-wheel drive vehicles; remember to drive slowly and consistently and always wear your seatbelt.

By Air

Sandfontein lies in the South of Namibia on the Orange River - west of the town of Onseepkans and east of Noordoewer.

The lodge has its own private airstrip, which is regularly maintained. The airfield is approximately 5km west of the lodge allowing guests to fly directly from Cape Town, Windhoek and Upington in chartered light aircraft, a commonly used mode of transport to get to and from lodges in Namibia.

It is recommended flying over the lodge upon arrival to alert staff of your arrival.

The GPS coordinates for the airstrip are SE28‐43‐11 E18‐30‐38.


Nature and wildlife at Sandfontein

Animals outnumber visitors by more than 4000 to one.

Sandfontein has the privilege of being home to more than 4,000 animals, including but not limited to leopard, kudu, eland, zebra, giraffe, red hartebeest, springbok, ostrich, jackal, aardvark and baboon.

Activities at Sandfontein

In the unlikely event that you tire of taking in Sandfontein’s silence and scenery from the comfort of the lodge, the following activities can be enjoyed -

Fishing - Head to the larger, slow-moving pools to catch largemouth yellowfish on the fly.

Photography - Sandfontein is a photographer’s dream - with dramatic landscapes, fauna and flora complemented by ever-changing light.

Canoeing - Relaxation and breathtaking scenery whilst paddling on the Orange River.

Scenic Drives - Sandfontein’s guides will take you through the most spectacular corners of the reserve.

Nature Trails - Skilled guides are on hand to lead private photo safaris through the orangey-yellow moonscape.

Sandfontein is a place where relaxation comes naturally. While away a fortnight or more at the lodge taking in the pure desert air and drenching yourself with sun. The abundance of wildlife a, a rich colonial history and some of the planet’s most spectacular geological formations, this wild Namibian landscape demands exploration.

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