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Vast, secluded and serene: Sandfontein is a place where relaxation comes naturally...

With exclusive use of the entire 97,000 hectare reserve, the Sandfontein team tailors every visit to suit guests’ preferences. Guests can explore the echoes of history across Sandfontein’s widespread battlefields or uncover ancient wisdom amidst the many geological wonders. On guided hikes led by our experienced guides, guests can track the gentle footprints of wildlife, kayak along the waters of the Orange River, or wild-camp and immerse themselves in the canvas of the stars above.

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Your vacation - your itinerary

You could easily while away a fortnight or more at the lodge, drinking in the pure desert air and drenching yourself with sun.


But with an abundance of wildlife, a rich colonial history and some of the planet’s most spectacular geology, this wild Namibian landscape demands exploration.


And getting out there couldn’t be easier. Simply choose what you’d like to do, and let Sandfontein’s experienced staff take care of the rest.

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Let Sandfontein’s rangers guide you to the most spectacular corners of the reserve – from savannahs speckled by the silhouettes of game animals to old mines that still twinkle with semi-precious stones.


Night drives that search for nocturnal species can also be arranged.

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Scenic Drives


Few fishing spots are as serene and enticing as the 25km-long stretch of the Orange River that weaves gently along the edge of the pristine reserve.


Whether you’re fishing in the deep pools that swirl beneath tall riverside trees, or whipping a fly rod through the air above bubbling rapids, the chances for success are high.


Sandfontein’s expert guide can take you straight to the best parts of the river, where the largemouth yellowfish thrive.



Forget being shepherded into a four-wheel drive for a once-a-day safari.


At Sandfontein, skilled rangers are on hand to lead private photo safaris and ‘walk and stalk’ trips through the orangey-yellow moonscape.


At times you’ll get so close, you’ll be able to smell the herds of oryx and springbok.

Nature Trails


Visitors can take to the water, either by gliding gracefully along the Orange River in a canoe, or by taking a swim.


Fortunately, there aren’t any crocodiles or hippos in the area, and the reserve is completely free from malaria.

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Orangey-pink skies often give the landscape at Sandfontein a warm, otherworldly glow, while rivers grind giant grooves into the scorched earth. 


The only way to appreciate the scale of the place is to get out there and become a party of the environment, and at Sandfontein the options keep on coming.  Guests can set out on foot, hiking along designated nature trails.

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Sandfontein’s natural diversity is given a boost by a 25km-long section of the Orange River, which flows lazily along the border with South Africa.

That means there’s a healthy population of wetland birds including the black-headed heron, pied kingfisher and African jacana, to name a few.

Click on the link to see our extensive list of birds you might spot around Sandfontein.

Bird Watching


Namibia has some of the darkest skies measured on earth allowing stargazers a wonderful opportunity on pretty much most nights of the year. 


A combination of the remote location of Sandfontein, the climate and landscape make the stars shine brightly in these beautifully clear skies. 

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