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How to plan your family vacation in Namibia

Namibia has always been at the top of my vacation list, and boy, was I happy when my closest friend decided to fall in love and marry a Boer from Namibia - this meant endless adventure opportunities and plenty of visits to the beautiful red dunes that Namibia is famous for.

I was humbly brought to silence my first night at the top of one of those magnificent dunes, the sky painted with stars, and a deafening silence interrupted only by the few animals up and awake for their nightly escapades. It was as if the world had stopped around me and all that mattered was the here and now.

So if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation that showcases nature and its raw beauty, then a family vacation in Namibia is for you.


Here you will find such a variety from mighty dunes, beautiful coastlines, magnificent wildlife, boulder-like hills, and the most beautiful sunsets.

The Caprivi Strip, Sossusvlei, The Skeleton Coast, and The Fish River Canyon are places without which a holiday to Namibia will not be complete.

Etosha National Park, with its characteristic salt pan so large they say you can see it from space, is a popular stop for wildlife.

Or why not try out a different experience and spend some time in one of Namibia’s leading safari lodges, Sandfontein Lodge & Nature Reserve. Sandfontein's five thatched bungalows are thoughtfully isolated from one another, making them secluded, luxurious, and overflowing with Namibian charm. The ideal escape for Covid-19.

Plan your route

A road trip by car is my favourite way to explore a new country.

Namibia covers a lot of ground, with many exciting places to visit, but you have to keep the long distances between destinations in mind.

Children get bored quickly and are not the biggest fans of long-distance driving, so do remember to plan your route accordingly and opt for a comfortable vehicle, 4x4 hire recommended.

Many great vehicle varieties come fully equipped with tents and kitchen items, providing you with so many more options for potential stops.

When to visit

Travelling with the family will mean that you’d most likely be visiting during school holidays, but if you’re lucky enough to have a selection of possible dates, here are some guidelines.

July to October is peak season, the weather is cooler, and you’ll have excellent game opportunities, but pricing is slightly higher during this time.

April to June is, therefore, probably a better time to visit. Before the peak season, landscapes are green from the rain, and you’ll miss the high season crowds.

November to March have the hottest temperatures, but if you don’t mind the heat, you’ll find some great deals around these times.

Namibia is a year-round holiday destination, so explore and enjoy your stay no matter the season! And if you’re someone who prefers to hand over the arrangements to someone else, you won’t go wrong with the friendly agents at Discover Africa who come with years of experience.

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